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When considering a pergola or louvered roof for your outdoor space, there are several design options to choose from. Each option offers unique benefits and can be tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Free Standing

A free-standing pergola or louvered roof is a self-supporting structure that does not rely on an existing building or wall for support. This design option offers the following advantages:

  • Flexibility in placement and orientation
  • Can be used to create a focal point or define a separate outdoor area
  • Suitable for larger outdoor spaces
  • Allows for better air circulation and natural light penetration

Wall Mounted

A wall-mounted pergola or louvered roof is attached to an existing wall or building structure. This design option offers the following benefits:

  • Ideal for smaller outdoor spaces or areas adjacent to a building
  • Provides a cohesive look by integrating with the existing architecture
  • Can be used to create a sheltered walkway or extend living space
  • Offers better stability and support compared to free-standing structures

Wall Hanging

A wall-hanging pergola or louvered roof is similar to a wall-mounted design but is suspended from the wall rather than being directly attached to it. This design option offers the following advantages:

  • Creates a floating or cantilevered appearance
  • Allows for better clearance and unobstructed views beneath the structure
  • Can be used to cover windows or doors without blocking them
  • Offers a modern and streamlined aesthetic

Free Standing and Wall Mounted

A combination of free-standing and wall-mounted pergola or louvered roof offers the best of both worlds. This design option provides the following benefits:

  • Allows for a larger, more versatile outdoor living space
  • Can be used to create multiple zones or areas with different functions
  • Offers better stability and support by combining free-standing and wall-mounted elements
  • Provides a more dynamic and visually interesting design aesthetic
  • When deciding on the best design option for your pergola or louvered roof, consider factors such as the size and layout of your outdoor space, the existing architecture, your intended use for the structure, and your personal style preferences.

Sliding Glass Doors

pergola features

Elevate your luxury outdoor pergola with our sleek and modern sliding glass door design. This innovative feature seamlessly integrates the beauty of your outdoor space with the comfort and convenience of your home interior.

The expansive glass panels allow for an unobstructed view of your lush garden or stunning landscape, while the smooth sliding mechanism ensures effortless transition between indoor and outdoor living. 

Standard Colors

Click a sample below to enlarge.

Aluminum color 9005


Aluminum color 9016


Aluminum color 8040

FL Bronze

Aluminum color 7016


Additional Colors

luxury pergola design color options

Linear LED Strip Lights

Integrate linear strip LED lights into your Lux Series pergola or louvered roof for a stylish and efficient lighting solution. These lights offer the following benefits:

  • warm and inviting ambiance for evening entertaining
  • extended use of the outdoor space after sunset
  • dimmer switch for adjustable brightness
  • Energy-efficient and long-lasting

Radiant Heater

Install an electric heater to your pergola or louvered roof to extend the use of your outdoor space during cooler months. Electric heaters offer the following advantages:

  • targeted heating for a comfortable outdoor experience
  • thermostat controlled for easy temperature regulation
  • safe and efficient
  • Can be mounted to the structure for a streamlined look

Auto-Close Feature

Incorporate a rain and wind sensor to your louvered roof for automated protection from the elements. This sensor offers the following benefits:

  • automatically closes the louvers for rain
  • protects furniture
  • worry-free use during inclement weather
  • can be integrated with a smart home system

Motorized Side Screens

Add motorized side screens to your pergola or louvered roof for added privacy and protection from the sun, wind, and insects. These screens offer the following advantages:

  • easily raised or lowered with the push of a button
  • barrier against UV rays and glare
  • adjustable ventilation and air flow
  • different fabric options to match your design aesthetic

Fabric Options

black 0%

0% Black

light grey 10%

10% Light Grey

black 30%

30% Black

black 3%

3% Black

black grey 3%

3% Black Grey

black white 3%

3% Black White

dark grey 5%

5% Dark Grey

white grey 5%

5% White Grey

beige 5%

5% Beige

blue grey 5%

5% Blue Grey

Pergola Features

No matter which design options you choose, every pergola comes with modern, high-end features, including:

FULL 12 Year Warranty*

* Others have a limited warranty that only covers parts for 6 month to a year. We offer full warranty on all parts.




Louvered Lighting

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